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Plastic Bottles, Jars & Closures
Choose from an assortment of multi-purpose bottles, jars and closures to meet the needs of auto reconditioning, restoration and detailing professionals. A variety of bottles and caps are available including flourinated (no-leak) plastic bottles, jars, trigger sprayers, safety caps, lever-top caps, and flip-top caps.

Plastic Bottles, Jars, Safety Caps, Dispensing Caps & Trigger Sprayers

Automotive Heel Pads
Protect auto carpet from friction damage or repair unsightly holes with plastic heel pads. Easily applied using spray adhesive. Heel pads are available in three sizes and in seven popular colors.

Automotive Heel Pads

Vinyl, Plastic & Carpet Dye
Use our Vinyl, Plastic & Carpet Dye aerosols to cover stained or faded auto carpet or try our water based Carpet Color Renewal System for a user-friendly way to rejuvenate faded carpet, door panels, and floor mats. Color charts available for our carpet dyes allow you to choose from wide variety of colors.

Vinyl, Plastic & Carpet Dye

Automotive Protective Plastic
Carpet Protection: For automotive carpet protection, use pre-printed DMR plastic film available in 3 mil and 4 mil thicknesses. We also stock non-perforated, unprinted plastic for protecting carpet in high-traffic areas. Good for use at auto dealerships, travel trailer sales lots, show homes, or for remodeling projects.

Collision Protection: Vehicles damaged by collision that require protection from the weather and other outside elements, can use our UV resistant Wreck Wrap for temporary protection. Wreck Wrap is a self-adhesive weather barrier plastic film that seals out rain, dirt, and snow.

Protective Carpet Plastic

Automotive Floor Mats
Automotive floor mats are available in both two and four piece premium sets. Assembled for durabilty and a sleek, professional appearance, these auto floor mats can easily be personalized with a company logo using our screen printing services. Floor mats are available in multiple colors.

Auto Floor Mats - Screen Printing

Velour Repair
Select from over 40 colors of velour fibers to repair burn marks, tears, and thinning in velour fabrics. A variety of velour fiber kits and velour repair products available for your auto reconditioning needs.

Velour Fibers and Velour Repair Kits    

SEM Sure-Coat
SEM Sure-Coat changes or renews color on most leathers, flexible and rigid plastics and vinyl providing superior adhesion for automotive, marine, and household furniture applications.

SEM Sure-Coat - Leather Dyes

Vac Accessories
Improve mobility to clean auto interiors by adding an extra length of hose to your existing system. We have a variety of vac accessories available.

Mobile Vacuum Assessories    

Vinyl and Leather Repair
Repair tears, scratches, cracks or burns in vinyl or leather with our vinyl repair and leather repair products.


Unsmoke Products - Thermo 55,  Un-Duz-It, Space Spray, Degrease All and Microban Disinfecting Spray

Odor Control Products
Effectively remove odors from homes or auto interiors with an appropriate odor control product from Unsmoke ®. We have Unsmoke's Thermo-55 ®, Un-Duz-It ®, Space Spray ®, Degrease-All ®, and Microban ® Disinfecting Spray Plus. Or use the powerful Odor Eliminator, a proven odor-killing product in a convenient aerosol form. Scented odor sticks also available.

Aerosol Odor Eliminator

Sherwin-Williams Ultra 7000 Toner Systems

Mixing toner system for basecoat application which, together with an appropriate clearcoat composition, provides a multilayer coating system for use in VR applications.

Sherwin-Williams Ultra 7000 Toner System    

Glass & Windshield Repair
Glass resins to fill unsightly glass defects and restore strength and appearance to damaged windshields.

Glass and Winshield Repair Products and Resins

Adhesives, Buffing Pads, & Miscellaneous Products
Check out our "Other Products" page featuring such items as buffing pads, butane refills , adhesives -- and more. The available items on this page will be changing from time to time so check back often to see what's new.

Buffing Pads

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